“Flexibility comes from having multiple choices; Wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives.” -Robert B. Dilts

NurGarriga at UCSCJudith DeLozier, Nur Garriga, Robert Dilts

Vols sentir-te segur i més assertiu en el teu equip de treball i/o a la teva vida personal?

Here's the great news: if you so desire, there are techniques that can help you make the necessary changes to feel happy and at peace with yourself, as well as becoming a satisfied professional.

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Coaching, Team Building, Mindfulness & Meditation - for Work, for School, for Life! Podem oferir-te aquestes sessions en diversos idiomes. Contact us and we can guide you in finding the best fit for you or your company. Link: What is NLP, as explained by Robert Dilts? Explicat per la Nur Garriga: Introducció a la Programació Neurolingüística (PNL) La PNL ens serveix per saber trobar i emprar les nostres pròpies eines cognitives, somàtiques i espirituals. Aquestes eines són part dels nostres recursos interns. Aprendre a utilitzar aquests recursos ens afavoreix directament en la nostra vida professional i personal. Redescobrim com som, què volem, qui som, i cap a on volem dirigir-nos. I aleshores, ens donem permís per avançar, millorar, evolucionar. Des de fa alguns anys que estem emprant el coaching to favor fruitful teaching and learning, and it works! Group and individual coaching We will use NLP techniques and tackle a variety of compelling topics to achieve our goals.
Coaching One-to-OneThrough personalized NLP techniques, we will work towards obtaining satisfying results in both professional and personal spheres.
Coaching TeachersLearn how to give constructive feedback and improve your the classroom, all towards better results.
Tutoria i Orientació per a joves estudiantsBy exploring the intrinsic qualities that every individual possesses, we will find what is best for each of us and provide both professional and academic guidance.
Vision & Mission: Expressing our Passion with a Gesture (NLP)
(c) Dancing Grammar: Teaching English with Coaching
Teaching English and Changing Thinking Patterns through Stories.

Guided Meditation and Centering in Nature: Eco-Coaching.