• Classes in the center or in your company:  Not only do they deliver a higher level and faster pace than the national curriculum, but they also foster the creativity and stimuli needed to learn how to communicate successfully in English. Coaching allows us to work on emotions and content, which guarantees a deep learning of the English language.
  • Virtual English: teaching and tutoring online
  • English for Presentations Public Speaking Training for presentations in front of an audience, for all ages.
  • Business & Commercial English  Presentations, meetings & negotiations, socializing, emailing, telephoning, imports & exports, administration…
  • English for Conferences & Job Search Designing technical presentations and preparing job interviews with coaching!
  • Technical English for Students & Professionals English for medium levels, high levels, university, etc.
  • Successful English Communication for kids and adolescents Let;s talk! We will tell stories, play games, and much more!
  • Customized "English for Professionals" Tailored courses designed for great fun, as early as day 1!
  • English for Teachers  Know how to teach and manage a group.
  • English for Traveling: How to Speak Fluently  Let's chat and catch up! “Coffee Break” in the morning & “Tea Time” in the afternoon.
  • Grammar can be Creative!  We will learn grammar so as to be ready for the job market or university, while having fun!
  • Legal English (laws=lleis) Commercial law, company law, real property law…
  • Medical English Illnesses and symptoms, treatments, patients, etc.
  • Musical English We will sing and deliver musical performances.
  • Preparation for Official English Examinations (Cambridge: YLE Flyers, BEC, IELTS, ILEC, PEC, CAE, FCE, PET, KET & CEFR)
  • Private Classes: ONE-to-ONE Teaching and coaching.
  • DRAMA in English We will learn English through theatrical performances.

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