Amazing English Center (R) & Coaching   ofereix un nivell més alt i efectiu que el currículum nacional, i també la creativitat i stimuli necessaris per a aprendre a comunicar-nos en anglès amb èxit. El Coaching, com a part indispensable, ens permet treballar les emocions i els continguts a tots els nivells, cosa que garanteix una bona predisposició per part dels participants i un aprenentatge profund de la llengua que s'estigui impartint.
  • Virtual English: teaching and tutoring online
  • English for Presentations Public Speaking Training for presentations in front of an audience, for all ages.
  • Business & Commercial English  Presentations, meetings & negotiations, socializing, emailing, telephoning, imports & exports, administration…
  • English for Conferences & Job Search Designing technical presentations and preparing job interviews with coaching!
  • Technical English for Students & Professionals English for medium levels, high levels, university, etc.
  • Successful English Communication for kids and adolescents Let;s talk! We will tell stories, play games, and much more!
  • Customized "English for Professionals" Tailored courses designed for great fun, as early as day 1!
  • English for Teachers  Know how to teach and manage a group.
  • English for Traveling: How to Speak Fluently  Conversarem i ens posarem al dia! “Coffee Break” in the morning & “Tea Time” in the afternoon
  • Grammar can be Creative!  We will learn grammar so as to be ready for the job market or university, while having fun!
  • Legal English (laws=lleis) Commercial law, company law, real property law…
  • Medical English Illnesses and symptoms, treatments, patients, etc.
  • Musical English We will sing and deliver musical performances.
  • Preparation for Official English Examinations (Cambridge: YLE Flyers, BEC, IELTS, ILEC, PEC, CAE, FCE, PET, KET & CEFR)
  • Private Classes: ONE-to-ONE Teaching and coaching.
  • DRAMA in English We will learn English through theatrical performances.