“Nur is by far the best teacher and tutor I have ever had! She is an amazing mentor!” Daniela S. Vizireanu

“Nur just shines out as an exceptional coach, facilitator, and community leader. I hired her as trainer for the WOSM consultant programme and she has organised and trained our community. Nur is experienced, insightful, wonderfully warm-hearted, and has been highly effective in helping me (and many many others) build strength, confidence in our consultant skills. She uses the combination of all her insights with a healty mix of NLP and positive psychology. Nur is one of the most effective coaches and trainers I’ve come across, and I recommend her and her work with full enthusiasm!” Martijn Nas

“Amazing English Center is a center that offers you the possibility of learning English from other perspectives: imagination, creativity and constant speaking in English. Plus, it also provides you with qualified teachers native and non-native. In short, you will enter in an environment where the learning becomes more enjoyable to the American world especially.” N.Gdo.

“I never thought I would love studying English and would like to keep improving it every single day. Not just English but I also learned about life. Undoubtedly Nur is the best teacher ever!” J.B.

“My short testimonial: I laid down and my coach starting doing her thing☺. Every time my mind started seeing, touching, feeling experiences with nature as well as people which were always so good to the heart. For example, I was laying on a field and all the grass, plant, flowers started growing around me, involving me all, then my body started like sinking into the ground, green still involving me all, stems growing upwards towards the light. And all along this hugely calming feeling that I was safe, being taken care of. And that’s just a small fraction of experiences my coach was so skilled to bring to life, evoke..I don’t know. I just know she really cares and loves.” C.T.

“AEC and especially Nur have helped me not only to improve my English language, but also to change my life. I improved as a person and learned to be self-confident. Many thanks I’m grateful to you!” M.F.

“I was the main tutor of a Teaching Business English Course to Professional People, which aimed to equip experienced teachers of general English with the skills required to become excellent teachers of Business and Vocational English. On the course Nur was committed, dynamic and very much on the ball. She came across as a good team player, but truly shone when she was working on her own project. I think she has real leadership potential, great ability and sheer enthusiasm.” Brian Brennan

“Nur is an excellent professional – very reliable with enormous ability and demonstrates great empathy with clients. Highly recommended if your company wishes to translate documents into accurate business English.” David Meakin

“I met Nur during the 2013 Summer in Santa Cruz at NLP University when I was a resource advisor. These are intense training periods in the discipline of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Nur is a caring and committed person, aware of many levels and came across well-organized to receive the advanced training in NLP. Nur’s deep strength is her ability to emotionally and sensorily take people in and utilize the intelligence of the participants in a room as part of her process. She possesses natural teaching and training attributes and is also gifted with learning how to address multiple kinds of material and how to deliver this is a systematic way.  A friendly and open person during her stay at NLPU.” Williams Burns

“Being both an English teacher and a Coach is really a plus for any professional searching for a serious improvement in his communication skills. Nur loves and is passionate about her job. You’ll notice and benefit from it from the very first moment.” X.V.

“I am very happy with this wonderful center and its management, but all this would not be possible without the teachers, especial thanks to Nur and Caroline.” S.M.